About Us

Big Christmas was started in 2011 by a group of people, who themselves, grew up with good families but no financial resources.  Somehow, their families managed to put together a Big Christmas.  Sometimes the burden would include further debt, tremendous stress and help from other family members.  Big Christmas was designed to eliviate this burden and bring a memorable Big Christmas.

Big Christmas will contact families prior to Thanksgiving that they will receive the gift of Big Christmas. The families will work with one of our Christmas angels to customize the perfect Christmas for their family.

  • The gift of Big Christmas includes:
  • Decoration of home exterior
  • Christmas tree and interior decorations
  • Toys and gifts for all children under 18
  • Clothing and household items for adults
  • Christmas dinner for the entire family

The tree, gifts and decorations will be delivered and set up by our angels during the month of December prior to Christmas and dinner will be delivered on on Christmas Day.