Frequently Asked Questions

How does Big Christmas choose families?

  • In 2011 we chose families via word-of-mouth.  The founders of our organization are originally from the Passaic County area and knew of several families that could use a Big Christmas.

What areas does Big Christmas service?

  • In 2011 we chose families in Passaic County, New Jersey only.  We were able to deliver Big Christmas to 15 families and in 2012 we hope to deliver to over 100 families throughout northern New Jersey.

Can I recommend a family for Big Christmas?

  • Yes.  We would love to hear about any family in need of help. Please email: saints@big-christmas.com
  • Include the name and contact information of the family, a brief history of what caused the families hardship and your contact information.  Please include any other details you deem necessary.

Who qualifies for Big Christmas?

  • There are no specific requirements for eligibility.  Each family is a case by case based on interviews with recipients and inter-board discussions.

Can I volunteer to help deliver Big Christmas?

  • Yes.  We love volunteers!  If you are interested in volunteering your time, products or money to Big Christmas, please click here.  One of our angels with be in touch within 24 hours.